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We offer pregnancy confirmation, free pregnancy testing, and management of incomplete miscarriages

Free Urine Pregnancy Tests

Free urine pregnancy tests are available in our offices during business hours.

Pregnancy Confirmation and Dating by Ultrasound

We can also confirm your pregnancy and gestational age using ultrasound.

Management of Incomplete Miscarriages

Incomplete miscarriages often result in ongoing irregular bleeding that can lead to anemia and symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness. The procedure used to treat this is known as a “D&C”. It is considered very low-risk and normally lasts less than 5 minutes. You will be offered a variety of options for comfort; for some medications, you will need to have a driver or shuttle. Most of our patients report that they feel no discomfort during the procedure. Your total in-clinic time is normally less than 1 1/2 hours.