Supporting you through a difficult time

You may need to terminate a pregnancy due to a fetal or maternal condition and we are here to help.

We’ve earned the trust of maternal-fetal medicine specialists, obstetricians, midwives, genetic counselors, and other health care providers who regularly refer their patients facing these
difficult circumstances to us.

Fetal Conditions

Unfortunately 3-5% of all pregnancies result in an abnormality. These can vary in severity, and for many may present them with a difficult decision about continuing the pregnancy. We specialize in providing care in these heartbreaking circumstances.

Maternal Conditions

For some, continuing a pregnancy can be detrimental to their physical or emotional health. In these cases, terminating the pregnancy may be the best course of action. We understand that this is one step on your path to healing, and we are here to take care of you during this difficult time.

Additional Services

We can work with your health care provider to facilitate further testing. We can also facilitate funeral services and often can provide foot or hand prints if desired.

Pain-Free Procedures/Sedation Options

Our anesthetists are able to provide you with a variety of levels of sedation to meet your comfort needs, regardless of which procedure you will be having. Our goal is to provide you with a PAIN-FREE procedure. Most of our patients report that they feel no discomfort during any of the procedures.

Post-Procedure Support & Resources

We have a group of excellent referral resources for those needing additional support after the procedure.

Contact one of our clinics former information about these resources.

We Care for You

All of us at the Lilith Clinic are here for you if you need to access abortion care,
no matter the reason.